Rat Varieties

My Specialties - Information about varieties I am currently working to produce and perfect.

Comprehensive List of Colors - Extensive list of many rat colors. Many of these colors have been produced here, but are not available often or at all at this point.

Markings - Rats come in a wide variety of markings; this is a page to show the ones that have been produced here.

Coat Types - Includes descriptions and photos of standard, rex, harley, double rex, and hairless coat types.

Harley Rat Information - Information about harley (longhaired) rats.

Rat Eye Colors - Pictures of pink, red, ruby, and black eyes.

Additional Reading
Hawthorn Rat Varieties - excellent site explaining the genetics of many uncommon colors.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery Agouti Based Colors - great photos showing many of the agouti based colors.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery Non-Agouti Based Colors - shows many varieties that are based on black rats.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery "Other Colors" - shows colors such as burmese and siamese based colors, pearl merle and others.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery Coat and Body Types - displays some of the coat/ear/tail types. Missing harley and velveteen.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery Markings - displays some of the common markings.
Curiosity Rats Genetics Page - Explains inheritance, many different varieties, and also health information.