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Located in Hope, NJ

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for visiting! Whether you are new to rats or are a longtime rat owner, I hope that my site will provide some knowledge about these wonderful animals.

My goal is to produce rats with great temperaments, health, color, and type. My rats are raised in my home with lots of love and attention. I am focused on improving the overall rat - I don't breed just for pretty markings or colors. My rats all have extensive pedigrees, which can be found on their individual or litter pages. Most of my original rats have been shipped in from across the country, bringing the first black-eyed siamese, burmese, dwarf, and harley rats to this region. I have been working with these lines since 2007, for nine generations.

Due to my return to college, I currently breed on a very small scale, breeding just a few litters each year. I no longer have the time to devote to keeping this website perfectly up-to-date, but am breeding very selectively to keep my lines going. If interested in a rat, feel free to e-mail me to see if I have anything available.

I am NARR (North American Rat Registry) registered as Paper Heart Rattery and my rats carry the prefix PH. I will ALWAYS take rats from my breeding back, no questions asked, if the owner is no longer able to keep them. This is in fact a requirement, and adopters are required to sign a contract when adopting to ensure the well-being of the rats I breed.

I am always happy to chat about rats, however I do ask that visitors take some time to browse my site before e-mailing. I have included lots of information about care and housing, as well as about myself, my breeding program, specialties, and adoption policies.

Please do not send me one-line e-mails or e-mails asking for a single rat. My time is limited; I have posted a lot of information on my site to help with many basic questions. Please look over my site (particularly the FAQ and Adoption Policies pages) and fill out an adoption questionnaire if interested in adopting.


  • Marked Line - Russian Blue & Dove

    Focus will be on dove and russian blue; black and mink will also be fairly common. This line is currently not heavily marked, but over time I hope to bring back the markings and focus on variegated rats.

  • Self Line - Ivory & Black

    Colorpoint rats have always been a favorite of mine. Ivory rats in particular are especially uncommon and, to me, are a stunning and variety. This line has outstanding type and consists of primarily ivory and black rats, with standard and dumbo ears, and standard and rex coats.

  • PED Line (Silver Fawn/Champagne)

    I am very excited to work with pink-eye dilute - the first 2 rats I ever got from a breeder (14 years ago!) were a silver fawn and a champagne, and I have fond memories of those rats. This is a variety that not many breeders work with - possibly due to the bias against pink eyes - but it is a stunning variety and has always been a favorite of mine.

  • What I DON'T Breed

    I am not breeding hairless, dwarf, or manx rats. I don't breed for a rainbow of colors in each litter, or for what may be popular with adopters. I breed for the specific colors listed above, although other colors do appear from time to time. I breed just a few litters per year, so availability is very limited.

News & Updates

  • 1/1/12 - Happy New Year! I currently have 2 girls available from my current litters. See them here!
  • 11/29/11 - New Litters Born Visit the Nursery page for more information. Some of my rats' photos have also been updated on the My Rats page.
  • 11/12/11 - New litters, new variety! New litters were born in October; check the Nursery page for more info. A "new" variety has been added - silver fawn and champagne will now be bred here!
  • 7/25/11 - New Pictures Posted
    New pictures have been posted of my current litters. All babies are currently reserved.

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