The Rat Shop

NEW - Travel Cages

Since it is hard to find good, sturdy, safe travel cages at most pet stores, I have decided to make travel cages to sell to adopters. These cages are large enough for several babies for their trip home, and for 2-3 adult rats for short trips. They are made from plastic bins with secure, wire-covered lids. Dimensions are approximately 16.5" L x 13" W x 6 5/8" T - size may vary slightly depending on the brand used.

Available Travel Cages - $12 Each

If looking for a particular color or different size, just drop me a line. I can also paint the wire a specific color upon request for $3, but this will have to be done well in advance of your rats' pickup to give me time to purchase the paint, and to ensure it will dry in time. Cages will include bedding.

Clear bottom with a pink and lime green lid.

Clear bin with blue latches.

Clear bin with teal latches.

Clear bin with dark pink latches.

Clear bottom with a baby blue and brown lid.

Hammocks are back!

I used to have lots of hammocks to sell to adopters, but no longer had the time to make them by hand. I recently purchased a sewing machine, and have been busy!

Visit my Etsy Shop for an idea of what's available and to order hammocks. I can do custom sizes, colors, and patterns; if you're looking for something in particular just let me know!

Future adopters: If you'd like to purchase hammocks, let me know which ones you're interested in (or what you'd like to have made) and I will hold them for you and bring them when it's time to pick up your baby. This will save you a few dollars on shipping.

Most hammocks are cotton lined with soft fleece; edges are double stitched and there are loops in each corner to hang the hammocks with. All hammocks come with hooks for hanging. I prefer making the pocket-style hammocks, but can make other styles upon request.

Examples of Hammocks

Hammocks can be purchased at our Etsy Shop or by e-mailing if you'd prefer to pick them up!