Rat Eye Colors

Many people have a prejudice against rats with eyes that are not black. Although I can understand that people have certain preferences, I never really understood them. I thought I'd put this page together to show that rats of every eye color are beautiful!

PH Gala - Himilayan Dumbo

Pink Eyes

Pink eyes are seen with albino, himilayan, silver fawn, and champagne rats. They are the lightest of the eye colors.

Red Eyes

Seen here on a young siamese, red eyes are a shade darker than pink.

PH Sterling - Russian Beige Rex

Ruby Eyes

There is a wide variety of shades of ruby eyes. Some ruby eyes are clearly a very dark red/ruby color. Others only look ruby when in a camera flash or in bright light...otherwise they appear black. This eye color is commonly seen on beige and fawn rats, and can sometimes be seen on mink, blue, havana, mocha, dove, and some other colors. A rat (such as a blue) with ruby eyes may be carrying other dilutes or may be affected by modifiers that lighten eye color and often coat color as well.

PH Lovett - Black-Eyed Himilayan

Black Eyes

Black eyes are clearly black, even in a camera flash. Many colors have black eyes - too many to list them all!