Through the Generations

I thought it would be fun to post some photos of each generation of my own rats. I started out with a few separate lines, and am gradually combining them. My original rats came from several different breeders, including breeders located in CA, CO, NY, and MA.

I am not sure the best way to display this since I do have other unrelated rats. But here is the line I've been working with since I started breeding. I may refer to rats in the present or past tense...many of these rats are still alive, but I tend to refer to them in the past tense.

I feel like each generation has been an improvement on the last. Occasionally when doing an outcross (like bringing the harley line in) I will take a step or two backwards. But overall, it is steady progress forwards!

First Generation

The first generation were not bred by me. Both had nice type. Pearl's head was slightly narrow, and Ben had slightly small ears and eyes, but otherwise they were gorgeous rats.



Second Generation

Pheonix was a big, thick girl with very attractive type. Her ears weren't great, and her head was a bit short, but I've found it's easier to correct a head that's too short than one that is too long. Pilot was more medium-sized, with a smallish head and ears but otherwise was very nice looking.



Third Generation

The type of this generation was all over the place. Zelda and Echo were sisters, but looked very different, each with some structural faults. Echo's ears and eyes were a little small but otherwise she was gorgeous. Zelda had the same faults but she was also a little too round and her head was small. Bella and Lacey were also sisters who looked very different! Both were bred to Hershey to help set the type. Both litters were stunning.





Fourth Generation

Sera, Trouble, and Stanley were the result of Bella and Lacey's litters with Hershey. All are very stunning rats! Twilight and Dewdrop were Zelda's daughters, both with some structural faults which required carefully chosen males.


Double Trouble




Fifth Generation

Payday and Jelly Belly were the result of a linebreeding on Hershey. His type was gorgeous and I was very pleased with the quality of this litter! The goal was to integrate this line with my self siamese and burmese line and also to bring more of Hershey's type into my marked line. I got very nice self and marked rats so both goals were accomplished! The rats from this litter are truly amazing and I hope to produce more like them!

Lucy and Bailey are the result of an outcross to my harley line. Bailey got his grandsire Dart's wrinkly ears and poor rex coat, but he is otherwise a great improvement on the harley rats. The harley line is in need of major improvements on its type (and size even more so than type), which is why I chose one of my strongest lines to outcross it with. Overall I am happy with the outcome, although I realize that it will take time to improve the type of the harley rats. The temperaments are great though!

Gala and Priscilla were a product of an outcross to a himilayan rat shipped in from Colorado, CMMR Glitter. Glitter was bred to Trouble, who greatly improved on her head. I was very excited about my first himilayans! I tried to breed Priscilla once, but she was already over a year old at the time and the breeding wasn't successful.

PH Gala

PH Priscilla

PH Jelly Belly

PH Payday

PH Bailey

PH Lucy

Sixth Generation

Buttercup was from a breeding between Lucy and Hoover, which was an inbreeding on the harley line of rats. Their size still needs a lot of improvement, but otherwise they are very nice rats. They have come a long way already since I first got them!

Jinx and Inque were from a litter between Payday and Brighty. With this breeding, I got a nice surprise which was that Payday carried mink. This litter was very nice, all were very hefty and sweet rats.

Johanna, Lovett, and Beadle were a breeding between CMMR Icon (another Colorado rat, a mixture of my lines and hers) and Gala. Icon brought a stunning head to the girls. Beadle was a bit small and weedy as a baby, but as a young adult he's quite a hefty guy. His eyes are small, but those can be improved easily enough as most of my rats have very large, expressive eyes.

Wispa and Lyric were a breeding between PH Jelly Belly and PH Sonata. I hoped that Jelly Belly would improve on Sonata's head, which is longer than I prefer, and the girls turned out to be very nice. The rats from this part of the family are very slow maturing, and are often quite long and ferretlike as babies but many mature to be very attractive. I don't consider this to be a bad thing - if a rat is slow in maturing, the hope is that they will be longer lived. But it does make it a bit more difficult to predict appearance at adulthood.




PH Johanna

PH Lovett


PH Beadle

PH Lyric

Seventh Generation

Iris and Calla were from a breeding between PH Milo and PH Buttercup. Although both are on the smaller side, they have outstanding temperaments. They do need some improvement on type, but they produced some very nice offspring for me.

Frex is one of Jinx's offspring; his sire is CMMR Jasper. I was a little disappointed that Jasper didn't carry dumbo, but his babies were really gorgeous and have great temperaments. Frex is a stunning boy - although I have not yet been able to determine his color - and he has produced some gorgeous babies for me.

Gabriel, Ariel, and Douma are from a breeding between FHR PH Yomigami and PH Jinx. This was Jinx's second litter and it was a very nice linebreeding on three of my favorite lines of rats...the Ben and Pearl family from my first generation, PCKG Forrest, and PCKG Hershey. This was a breeding I'd tried to do with Jinx's sister Inque, but it was not succesful. I felt that is was a very important breeding to continue the line which is why Jinx was bred twice. I was very pleased with the litter - overall the type was excellent and temperaments couldn't get much sweeter! Douma is a gorgeous big girl, and her sister Ariel is just as beautiful but more medium-sized.

Lovett was bred to PH Hoover. I hoped to bring his nice rex into my colorpoint line, and to help eliminate the white markings. The litter was very nice and I kept a male and a female. I am hoping that at least one will carry the harley gene, but it is not really a priority. My hope was also to be able to eliminate the siamese gene from the line, and bring in the albino gene. Each of my keepers had a 50% chance of carrying either siamese or albino, and Hitch (the male) carried siamese, but Maybelle, the female, carried albino.

Don Juan was the result of a brother/sister breeding between PH Beadle and PH Johanna. This breeding was meant to really lock in the nice type and temperament of these rats. I am very pleased with the results! He is a little guy, but is super sweet and is beautiful.

Although and are not the direct product of my breeding program, Teliko and Anasazi are grandkids of my old PH Stanley, and I wanted to show them here - hopefully their mother's breeder won't mind. Their colors were a huge surprise...PED rats have not been seen here in many generations and I thought the gene was out of the gene pool. But when it popped up again, I decided to hold onto them to reproduce the color. It is not a color that is really worked with by many breeders, and it is a sentimental favorite of mine since my first rats from a breeder (in 1998) were silver fawn and champagne.

PH Iris

PH Frexspar

PH Gabriel

PH Ariel

PH Douma

PH Calla

PH Hitch

PH Maybelle

PH Don Juan

PH Teliko

PH Anasazi

Eighth Generation

Iris was bred back to her grandsire PH Hoover, who was about 28 months old at the time the litter was born. In addition to the longevity, I wanted to bring Hoover's great rex coat back, and hopefully produce some harley carriers since I seem to have lost the gene otherwise. The litter was very consistent, and I kept a female, PH Sweet Talk. I'd been hoping to get russian cinnamon or dove in the litter, and that did not happen but I was happy with the litter. Unfortunately, Sweet Talk was never able to get pregnant, so her bloodlines have essentially ended here.

Flurry and Tempest were the result of several generations of careful linebreeding. Their parents were Frexspar and Douma. They got the stunning heads that I was really hoping for in this litter, although I am not sure if either carries dumbo...I can only hope they do!

Napoleon and Casablanca are the offspring of Don Juan and Maybelle. I was very excited to see some white babies, and held my breath until the babies were 6 weeks old to see if they developed points or not. Of my keepers, only one did, Casablanca. Napoleon is my first ivory, a color that has been in the works for 2 years! I also kept Casablanca, the gorgeous himilayan. It will take some time to breed out the siamese so I am only working with ivory/PEW rats, but this litter was a big step in the right direction!

PH Sweet Talk

PH Tempest

PH Flurry

PH Napoleon

PH Casablanca

Ninth Generation

In mid-2012, I realized that I had no rex rats left for breeding. I had only Hitch, but he did not produce well in his previous litter - there was respiratory weakness among his offspring - and I was not willing to keep any of his offspring. I realized my only chance for bringing back rex was to breed Maybelle, who was already 15 months old. I knew there was a good chance she would not be able to concieve since she was on the older side. I had a hard time deciding who to breed her to, but in the end, I decided to breed her back to her son, Napoleon. Both rats have amazing type and temperament, and their litter was exceptional. All of the babies had outstanding type, and I got my long-awaited ivory dumbo and rex rats, along with a gorgeous black self rex that will complement my ivory rats nicely, and Dinah, a mink female that I hope to cross into my marked line.

PH Jabberwocky

PH Alice

PH Dinah

PH Tweedledee
Current goals for the next generations:
  • Increase size and type; many of my rats are small or medium sized. This will take time to accomplish, and may always be a work in progress.
  • Improve ears. I have made huge improvements in my dumbo rats' ears. At this point, the majority of my dumbos have good to excellent ears. I would like to get them to the point where they are all excellent - large, round and smooth with no creases.
  • Continue strengthening heads all around. My marked line has a tendency to produce some fairly narrow heads, but I think I am finally getting away from that.
  • Breed out the "bad" rex - DONE! My only rex rats are now super soft and curly.
  • Bring back the markings in my russian dove line. Since I had to discontinue a line which contained the majority of my dalmatian and variegated rats, most of my remaining rats are berkshire or irish. It will take some time to recover these markings. I do have two marked males which I am hoping will help with this process. Eventually I hope to produce variegated and dalmatian rats.
  • Breed out the agouti rats, and have only black-based colors.
  • I am also working on breeding out any white markings in my self line - DONE!
  • Eventually for my self line, I am hoping to breed out the siamese and only work with ivory (or black-eyed albino) rats. One more generation should accomplish this. I also hope to bring rex into the self line which should be accomplished in the next generation - DONE!
  • As always, I am tracking health, temperament, longevity, and type in hopes of improving my rats in these areas.