I just wanted to post a quick reminder to everyone – this week is going to be VERY HOT and the heat can be extremely dangerous to rats. If the temperature in your rats’ living area will be going above the mid-80′s, they will be in danger of overheating. For tips on keeping rats cool and signs of distress, read this page – http://paperheartrats.com/summersafety.html

It looks like I will have some females available from my current litters – it’s looking like 2 or 3 pairs at this point. If you’re looking for baby girls – e-mail me ASAP. There are currently 3 girls available from each litter.

I had a number of non-responses from those on my waiting list, and I am pretty disappointed. I’m going to have to figure out a better system. This time around, the timing of my reservations was thrown way off – luckily I am keeping the babies for an extra few weeks so it’s not affecting when they are going home. But I know it’s been tough on the adopters who are waiting for their turn to choose. So in the future I will be stricter about a 48 hour limit for responses and may have to start asking for deposits again. But thank you to everyone who gets back to me promptly – it makes life a lot easier!

I finally got to the vet yesterday to pick up Lovett’s x-rays. I’ve shrunk them down so I can fit them on the page, so not a lot of detail is visible, but I thought some might find them interesting.