I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that new pictures are posted of Iris and Wispa’s litter. I have also finally chosen naming themes for them and have posted my keepers. I will be working on reservations next week, I am just waiting to hear back from several people.
The pictures are not the best – but the babies were not being too cooperative and I was short on time. I think I got a decent shot of each. Iris’s rex babies are going through the “uglies” right now – they are molting and are a little threadbare right now, but that is normal and their hair will grow back over the next couple of weeks.
I did have a surprise in Iris’s litter…two dwarf boys. I have not had any dwarf rats in 2 years, and I did not think I’d see any again. But it’s become very obvious in the last few days that they are dwarfs and not just a little small. I am going to keep one of the boys…I do miss having a dwarf around!