Frexspar and Iris were paired last night. Frex wasn’t quite sure what to make of all her flirting…he was more interested in searching for any food laying around in the cage they were in for the night! But hopefully he noticed her at some point in the evening…babies should be due on June 9th!
Here is the happy couple…

The rats are doing well. Jelly Belly is doing great, he’s been getting some joint supplements, and I decided to put him in with a couple of my baby boys and it seems to have perked him up a bit. He still doesn’t have a whole lot of function in his back end, but I’ve noticed he’s spending more time on the top level of his current cage and isn’t just laying around on the bottom – so that’s a good sign! Otherwise everyone is doing well, my keeper babies from the last litters are looking gorgeous and I am falling in love with all of their personalities! The himi babies’ points are coming in and they are beautiful!

Here is my keeper Don Juan (I’ve been calling him DJ)…he’s got a little scratch over one eye, but oh well he’s adorable!!

Hoover was not feeling too well last week. His bumblefoot had gotten worse, and he also seems to have hind-end degeneration and some incontinence. Last week I was thinking I might have to put him to sleep soon, but he’s perked up a bit with some antibiotics for his feet and a few days of mild pain meds. So I am hopeful he’ll be feeling better soon!

Last week, I got to see two of the boys from Jinx’s December litter. It was a rare treat to see them since I don’t often get to see the rats again (except for in pictures) once they go to their new homes! The boys were gorgeous and so sweet!

I also had an exciting e-mail from an adopter who has 2 of the girls from Lovett’s litter. They were shown at their local 4H small animal show. The judge commented that one was the finest rat he’d ever seen. So I am really pleased to get such positive feedback!

We got some wild weather over the weekend…did anyone else get a lot of hail??
My poor roses!!! I had to scramble and find some buckets to cover them. They made it through the ordeal though!