Here are some pictures of Johanna’s litter (and Lyric’s little boy), taken late last night…

The boys:

Tentatively, it looks like there is one black-eyed himilayan dumbo, one himilayan dumbo, one black-eyed siamese dumbo, two black-eyed siamese, and Lyric’s little guy is on the left, he should be a russian blue or russian blue agouti dumbo. He is still doing okay, he’s small but is holding on.

And the girls…

Again – tentatively, two himilayan dumbos, one himilayan, one black-eyed siamese. The last girl’s pigment is a little slow to come in so I’m not 100% sure quite yet, she could be a black-eyed himilayan.

One Response to “Pictures!”

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Never noticed their little ear flaps until now! They all look so stunning. I love the third boy in from the left, he looks like he has a bunch of junk in his trunk already, hahaha. Love fat rats. :) Can’t wait to see as their coats grow in! Thank you so much for sharing as always. :D

Christina R
April 8th, 2011