I got some new pictures of the litters today.

Here is Ariel’s litter. It looks like there are 2 russian blues, 3 blacks, and 7 siamese, which will be either black or russian blue point, it’s too soon to tell.
There are 4 boys – 2 standard coat dumbo boys, 1 standard eared rex, 1 standard ear/fur. The standard coat dumbo is black; the other 3 are siamese.
There are 8 girls – 2 standard ear/fur, 4 dumbo rex, 1 standard coat dumbo, 1 standard ear rex.

Here is Maybelle’s litter. My initial gender count was slightly off – there are 6 boys and 5 girls.
The boys are 3 standard ear/fur, 1 dumbo rex, 2 standard eared rex.
The girls are 2 standard coat dumbos, 1 standard ear/fur, 1 dumbo rex, 1 standard eared rex.

In Maybelle’s litter, so far it’s looking like all the dark babies are black, and the light ones will be either pink-eyed white, ivory, or himilayan with either black or red eyes.

I was after himilayans and/or ivories in these 2 litters, and each litter had a 50% chance to produce them. Unfortunately I didn’t get any in Ariel’s litter, so now I know that Hitch carries the siamese/himilayan gene. But I did get all “white” babies in Maybelle’s litter which means that she carries the albino gene. The only downside is that I won’t be able to tell the white rats from the himilayans until they are about 7-8 weeks old, because himilayans are pure white up until that point. So I will probably keep a few of the “white” babies from her litter in hopes of ending up with one or two who do not develop points.

This is an exciting generation for me – I took a chance when breeding Hitch and Maybelle’s parents, hoping that at least one of them would end up with the albino gene vs. the siamese/himilayan gene. It would help me achieve my goal of ivory rats if it worked out – and luckily Maybelle did!

I forgot to share in my last post…the AFRMA (American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association) had a calendar contest, and several of my pictures made it into the calendar – along with Maybelle who was on the cover!

Here is a link if anyone wants to order calendars or just check out the pictures!

There are 3 different calendars; in the Kitten Calendar, Maybelle is the cover and inside are pictures of Ariel, Sweet Talk, Maybelle (again), Lovett, Frex, and Don Juan.
In the Rat calendar is Ruxpin, and in the Nature Rat calendar there are pictures of Maybelle, Junior Mint, Hershey, and Ophelia.

I also wanted to post that I had a pair of girls returned to me this week because their owner was no longer able to care for them. They are 5 month old girls from Iris and Wispa’s litters.

More info about the girls can be found on my Available Adults page.


It has been a long time since my last update! A lot has been going on here in the last few months, but I will start with the most recent stuff!

Ariel and Maybelle had their litters a few days ago. Both litters are doing great – Ariel had 12 (4 boys and 8 girls) and Maybelle had 11 (5 boys and 6 girls). Their litter pages have been posted along with pictures.

Rapunzel and Douma had their litters in October, the babies were beautiful, and Rapunzel gave me a great surprise – pink-eye dilute babies! She had one champagne and one silver fawn, and I will be keeping those two to establish a PED line here. I am very excited – as some of you know, the first rats I ever got from a breeder were a silver fawn and a champagne, so I have always had a soft spot for those colors!
I also got some absolutely gorgeous dove and russian cinnamons from Douma’s litter, along with a boy who I believe is a russian dove point siamese. His points are starting to come in and they are very pretty!

In September, we brought home a new JRT puppy, Cricket. She is gorgeous and very smart and has lots of attitude.

At the end of October we went to the JRTCA National Trial. Gizmo was entered in Rally-O, and Cricket in conformation. Gizmo got high scoring dog in Rally-O which I am very proud of, and Cricket got 6th place in her puppy conformation class.

The snowstorm started on the way back from the trial, and a 3 hour drive took us 9 hours…it was miserable, but we made it. Unfortunately, due to the storm, we lost power for over a week. We got 10″ of snow! It was a very cold and miserable week with no heat or power, but I am grateful that my sister lives close enough that I could go over there to shower and hop on the computer to check e-mails. Between that and the hurricane in August, we had no power for 16 out of 45 days!!!

In mid-October, Kessy was entered in an HGH herding trial. It is a German-style herding trial with 200 sheep. It took us 2 years to be ready, but she did awesome! She got High in Trial and is now one of only a handful of dogs in the country to be titled in both HGH and Schutzhund. Our judge was from Germany, and he’d won their national herding competition several times. He was very impressed with Kessy.

Throughout the summer and fall, both Kessy and Gizmo were also entered in lots of Rally Obedience trials. They both got their RL1, RL2, and RL3 titles, all with Awards of Merit for having all qualifying scores over 190, RL1X titles (which is 10 Q’s in Level 1), and their ARCH titles, so now they are Rally Champions.

In September, shortly after we got Cricket, Djenga had to have surgery for an obstruction in her intestines. It was major surgery, but she recovered very quickly, and she is doing great.

Beau, our cat, had to be put to sleep at the end of August. His kidneys were failing, and he did not improve after more than a week on IV fluids. It was time to let him go :( We took him home with us for a night, so he could spend one night at home with us instead of stuck in a cage at the vet. He slept right between me and my husband, and he curled up right against my chest and just purred like crazy. It was really hard to lose him, he was the sweetest and happiest cat I ever knew.

So there have been lots of ups and down, but for now things seem to have quieted down again which is a relief!