Whew – I just finished posting the pictures of Lovett’s litter. They are doing really well and are gorgeous. It’s hard to believe they’re already a month old!
I forgot to mention yesterday – most of Iris and Calla’s babies went home over the weekend. It’s always a little sad to see them go but I love meeting their new families!

I will update again in about a week, once the next litters are born!


I just wanted to post that updated pictures of Lovett’s litter will be coming soon. I’d hoped to do them this weekend, but just have not had the time. I should be able to get them done tomorrow (Monday).

Johanna and Lyric are both definitely pregnant at this point. I could feel Johanna’s babies in there a few days ago, and Lyric was getting fatter, but I couldn’t feel her babies until today. Both girls should have their litters at the beginning of April. I am excited!

That’s all for tonight – check back tomorrow for pictures :)


I am finally feeling better, I think I may have had the flu and then gotten a cold??? It may sound weird but for the first several days I was miserable, had a high fever, aches and pains, headache, and cough. Then after 4 or 5 days I was really congested like with a typical cold, and my fever was gone. I thought that maybe it was just the normal progression of the flu…but my husband is sick now. The funny thing is that he didn’t get any of the flu symptoms – he just has a typical cold. So…I am wondering if I got both somehow and he only caught the cold.

Anyway – back to ratty stuff!!!!
Reservations are now complete for Lovett’s litter. Calla and Iris’s litters will be going home this week. I am still behind on new inquiries but will do my best to get back to everyone soon!
My next 2 litters have been bred – hopefully they’re due at the beginning of April!

I bred my GSD Kessy over the weekend and wanted to share pics of the male I chose for her. Isn’t he gorgeous???

He is V-rated in conformation, Schh3 and has an amazing pedigree and an awesome temperament. I am really happy with him, I was really picky about what male was “worthy” of Kessy but he fit the bill. In 4 weeks I will have the vet do an ultrasound and hopefully it will confirm pregnancy.
This has been my dream since I got my first GSD almost 10 years ago and sometimes it’s felt like I’m cursed. But hopefully it works out!


Sorry everyone – I am sick with the flu at the moment :( I can barely crawl out of bed and my mind feels pretty fuzzy – hopefully I will be feeling better soon so I can get back to e-mails and work out pickups for Calla and Iris’s litters. Thanks for your patience!


I just finished uploading the new pictures of all 3 litters. The pictures aren’t the best…but I had a lot of babies to do, the older litters are tough to photograph at this age, and I haven’t been feeling too well, I just didn’t have the energy to spend hours taking pictures! So…I did the best I could! The pictures of Lovett’s litter are a little better…they aren’t too active yet :)


My next two litters have been paired today. Beadle x Johanna, and Milo x Lyric. I have bred the 2 litters a little earlier than I’d hoped, but I am hoping to breed my dog (Kessy) in the next 2 weeks and I don’t want to have to be raising rat litters and puppies at the same time :) So I am breeding these 2 rat litters, then I will be taking a break for a few months. Hopefully everything goes okay for Kessy…it has been my dream for 10 years to breed dogs and now I finally have the right dog and the timing is right!

I may have to go away for a few days next week to take her to the stud – but I will post if that happens so everyone will know I won’t be available.

All the babies from my older 2 litters have been reserved. Reservations for Lovett’s litter have not been done yet, but they will be going to people already on the waiting list. There may be some rats available from the next two litters, but the waiting list is pretty long right now so I can’t say for sure until they’re born!

Lovett’s litter is doing great – their eyes have started to open, a little early, but they are BIG chubby babies. She is taking really great care of them! I will get pictures up soon, once everyone’s eyes are open. Probably over the weekend.

Tonight I was feeling a little sentimental, and I took some picture of my “seniors” Here is my 2+ crew…Yogi, Ditto, Hoover, Jasper, and Jelly Belly.

Hoover and Jasper (the rexes) are pretty threadbare, but that is normal for male rexes at this age. But otherwise everyone is in good shape. Hoover is the oldest at 28 months, and Yogi is the youngest, he just turned 2. I am not one for birthdays (human or animal!), but it is a milestone!

I also took a few pictures of Hoover and some of his direct descendants.
Hoover - 4 Generations
From left to right…PH Buttercup (2nd generation), PH Hoover (1st generation), PH Be Mine (2nd AND 4th generation), PH Iris (3rd generation), PH Sweet Talk (2nd AND 4th generation).

Another picture…
The Hoover Family

I wish I could get a good pictures of all of them together (with no one grooming or squinting or facing away!) but that’s not an easy task!


Reservations have started for Iris and Calla’s litters. If you are on the waiting list, keep an eye on your inbox this week! Pictures of those two litters were updated last night. They were surprisingly cooperative…usually at this age they are zipping around and really hard to photograph but they were really quiet and still for me which was really nice!

Here is a photo of Lovett’s litter taken today. Here are the boys – 2 black and 4 agouti
Lovett's litter at 1 week

And the girls – 3 black, 1 agouti, 1 russian blue agouti