2011 Litters

ParentsDate of BirthDetails
PH Frexspar x PH Douma

Litter of 15 in russian blue, dove, russian cinnamon and siamese/burmese based on those colors.

PH Napoleon x PH Maybelle

Litter of 7. Black, ivory, PEW, and one mink. Standard and dumbo ears, standard and rex coats.

Comments on 2011

This year has gone very well so far. I am one step closer to my eventual goal of bringing rex into my self line and in breeding away from siamese and towards ivory. There are also some nice black selfs which I hope to continue producing throughout this line. It complements the ivory very nicely, and will help to ensure that the self markings are maintained, and that other colors are not popping up.

In my russian blue/dove line, I was not able to produce doves in the first half of the year, but the type has been improved which I am very happy with.