2010 Litters

ParentsDate of BirthDetails
PH Milo x PH Buttercup

Litter of 9; russian blue agouti and russian blue; all dumbo ears, rex and standard coats.

CMMR Icon x PH Gala

Litter of 9; siamese and himilayan; black and red-eyed, with standard and dumbo ears.

PH Jelly Belly x PH Sonata

Litter of 9 (plus two that did not survive); russian blue agouti, russian blue, and russian silver. Standard and dumbo ears.

CMMR Jasper x PH Jinx

Litter of 12; Agouti, black, siamese, russian cinnamon, and dove. All standard ears; mostly rex litter.

FHR PH Yomigami x PH Jinx

Litter of 6; russian blue, siamese, and russian blue point siamese. Standard and dumbo ears.


I had to take a break from breeding for the first half of the year. As a result of this break, my does were break at a slightly older age than usual, closer to one year of age. I had hoped to have two more litters total for the year, but two litters were stillborn and one breeding did not produce a litter.

I made a lot of progress in establishing a population of russian blue rats that carry mink, in order to produce doves next year. I also made a lot of progress in breeding out the agouti coloring expressed by quite a few of my rats.

This year was also very exciting, because I produced my first black-eyed himilayan. Next year, I hope to breed my first ivory rats, and to bring rex into my colorpoint line.