2007 Litters

ParentsDate of BirthDetails
Fred x Delilah
Not a planned litter - adopted while pregnant. Fawn and beige in standard ears.
Ben x Pearl
Litter of 10; black berks and variegated in standard and dumbo ears.
RTPK Phantom of the Opera of PH x Sophie of PH
Litter of 15; all black with various markings. Standard and dumbo ears
PH Pilot x RTPK American Beauty of PH
Litter of 10 in black, american blue, and mink. Standard and dumbo ears, standard and rex coats.
PH Pilot x ANR Cameo of PH
Litter of 5 dumbos; beige, black, russian silver, PEW, and russian blue agouti.
ANR Finnegan of PH x PH Amber
Litter of 13; standard ear/coat in agouti, black, fawn, russian fawn, russian blue, russian blue agouti, and beige.