My Rats

I try to update photos often as my rats grow. I try to get a good headshot for this page, and then a side view for their individual pages.

Click on a rat's name to go to its page. All rats of breeding age have individual pages. Occasionally I may be willing to adopt out retired breeding rats; this will generally only be to previous trusted adopters or in special circumstances.

PH Beadle
Himilayan Dumbo
2+ years old!

PH Don Juan
Black-Eyed Himilayan Dumbo

PH Napoleon

PH Jabberwocky
Ivory Rex

PH Tweedle Dee
Black Rex

PH Frexspar
Russian Cinnamon
Burmese Berkshire

PH Teliko
Silver Fawn Dumbo

PH Flurry
Russian Dove Point
Black-Eyed Siamese

PH Lucifer
Russian Blue Agouti Bareback

PH Murmur
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo

PH Barnabus
Black-Eyed Himilayan
Dumbo Rex

Current or Future Breeding Girls

PH Tempest
Russian Dove Burmese (?) Irish

PH Alice
Ivory Dumbo

PH Dinah
Black Self

PH Lillith
Russian Blue Bareback

Retired or Pet-Only Girls

PH Johanna
Black-Eyed Siamese
2+ years old!

PH Ariel
Russian Blue Self

PH Casablanca
Black-Eyed Himilayan Dumbo

PH Douma
Russian Blue Hooded

PH Sweet Talk
Cinnamon Dumbo Rex

PH Maybelle
Black Rex