Marked Russian Blue & Dove Line

Marked Line

The main focus of this line is on russian blue and russian dove. When I first started breeding, I had many marked rats such as dalmatian, variegated, bareback, patched, and masked. Some of these markings have been lost, and I am slowly breeding back to more heavily marked rats. Since the markings are recessive, it will take some time to reproduce them, but that is one thing I'm working on! Eventually I hope to work primarily with variegated rats.

Examples of Russian Blue and Russian Dove

PH Frexspar - Russian Dove Berkshire

PH Jackpot - Russian Dove Harley Dumbo

PH Belladonna - Russian Blue Patched

PH Violet - Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo

Russian blue is a dark, rich blue color with heathering. Russian dove is a rat which is both russian blue and mink. It's a beautiful pinky-gray color, also with heathering.

Occasional black and mink rats will be produced. At this point, I do have a handful of agout-based rats, so agouti-based colors (such as russian blue agouti, russian cinnamon, cinnamon, and agouti) will also be produced until the agouti can be bred out of the line. Eventually, the goal for color is to have only russian blue and dove rats.

Other Colors That May Be Produced in the Marked Line

PH Jinx - Mink Berkshire Dumbo

PH Buttercup - Russian Cinnamon Dumbo Rex

FHR PH Mr. Bright - Black Berkshire Dumbo Rex

PH Ditto - Russian Blue Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo

PH Target - Black Dalmatian

PH Pixie - Agouti Variegated Rex