PH Indy x PH Ophelia

PH Indy
Black Variegated

PH Ophelia
Siamese variegated dumbo

DOB: 1/4/09

Available: 2/8/09

The Boys

1. Light Russian Blue Bareback Dumbo

2. Russian Blue Variegated Dumbo

3. Black Variegated Dumbo

4. Charcoal Bareback with Headspot
Adopted by SCRP

5. Black Berkshire Dumbo

The Girls

6. Black Dalmatian
Keeping - PH Target

7. Charcoal Berkshire Dumbo
Adopted by RTPK

8. Russian Blue Berkshire
Adopted by PEAS

9. Black Berkshire Dumbo
Adopted by FHR

10. Black Self Dumbo with White Feet

11. Charcoal Berkshire

Charcoal is not a standardized color, but it is a modifier that lightens black rats to a dark steel gray color. It's somewhat darker than russian blue, but much lighter than black. It is most likely caused by the "shadow" gene.

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