Boy #1 (Mistletoe) developed a tumor on his lower belly at about 11 months of age. Tumor was thought to be a mammary tumor. It was removed and he was placed on antibiotics, but the incision got severely infected and he was given a very low chance of recovery. His owners decided to have him put to sleep rather than have him suffer. He was just over 1 year old.

FHR PH Mr. Bright x PH Payday

FHR PH Mr. Bright
Black Dumbo Rex Berkshire

PH Payday
Siamese Dumbo Berkshire

I am very excited about this litter - it will finally bring rex to my siamese line! Both parents are beautiful and sweet rats, these babies should be very nice.

I have decided to keep a mink male and female, and also the black self rex girl. The black rex girl will be bred into my siamese/himi line, and the minks will somehow be worked into my russian dove/harley line. The size and type of the rats I am keeping should be excellent, and will be a huge help to the russian dove line.

DOB: 10/26/09

Available: 11/30/09

The Boys

1. Black Bareback Dumbo Rex

2. Black Berkshire Dumbo Rex

3. Siamese Mismarked Hooded Dumbo

4.Mink Berkshire Dumbo
KEEPING - PH Guinness

5. Siamese Berkshire Dumbo Rex

6. Siamese Berkshire Dumbo

The Girls

7. Mink Mismarked Irish Dumbo Rex

8. Black Self Dumbo Rex
Passed away at 25 months due to pneumonia. She had some respiratory issues throughout her lifetime and they came back with a vengeance a few weeks after we were without power/heat for a week due to a snowstorm, and the house got very cold.

9. Mink Berkshire Dumbo
Passed away at 2 years old; developed a mammary tumor, and surgery was performed to remove it, but she did not make it through the surgery. Was otherwise healthy throughout her lifetime with a fantastic temperament.

10. Siamese Self Dumbo

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