I just thought I would update everyone with how all my ratties are doing. They are all doing great and everyone seems to have recovered from the illness. No additional rats got sick so I think the problem has been contained. I have a vet appointment for next Monday (the 11th) to get some blood drawn from one of my rats. I will send the blood into Radil, which is a lab that tests for infectious diseases. Then I will know for sure what they had, and will adjust my quarantine procedures from there.

I spoke to one of the doctors there, and based on their symptoms, he suspects that the rats were affected by myco, which is something that most rats bred outside of sterile conditions in labs have. But it is likely that I brought home a different strain of myco which affected a few of the rats, but now everyone has adjusted and they should be fine. I will still keep Iris’s litter an extra few weeks just to be sure they don’t come down with anything. I don’t expect that they will, but I don’t want to take any chances.

The reason that I’m waiting so long to do the bloodwork is to ensure that the rats have had time to develop antibodies to whatever they were affected with, so they show up on the test. Originally I had an appointment this week, but the vet suggested waiting at least 6-8 weeks after exposure, so I pushed it back one more week just to be sure I don’t run the bloodwork too early. It is expensive and I don’t want to end up wasting money by doing it a little too soon!

My rat babies are all doing great and growing fast! Yesterday, I started contacting those on the waiting list to work out availability for those inquiring. Hopefully I will know within 2 weeks if there are any available. Right now, I do have more people who want rats than there are babies, but some people I have not spoken to in a while and they may have gotten rats elsewhere. This is no problem since I have so many people waiting for rats, but it will take some time to figure things out. So if you’re on the waiting list, keep an eye out for an e-mail from me in the near future if you haven’t gotten one already!

That’s all for tonight – I will post again when I have more news!

2 Responses to “more updates!”

Glad to hear you ratties are all well!

July 8th, 2011

It is for sure quite a handful to medicate so many ratties! Glad that they just got the sniffles and no fatalities. I hope the test results come back as expected and you can get back to business as normal. I had a rattie boy who loved to grab the syringe like you were describing. It was the cutest thing, it looked like he was playing a little flute. I had to wrestle it away from him every time, hehe. I wish they all took meds that easy!

July 12th, 2011