Although this is technically the “Rattery” blog, I like to think that most of us are animal lovers and not just rat lovers. So I hope no one minds if I share updates of some other animals!

Before I start with the other animals…there isn’t too much new with the ratties at the moment. Iris was bred about a week ago. It’s still a bit soon to know if she’s pregnant yet. I’ve made a few minor updates around the site…some new pictures are up, and a new page has been added about shipping rats.

Since I have been so busy I have fallen behind with my e-mails, so if anyone is waiting for a response to a new inquiry, I will try to get back to you tonight or tomorrow…sorry about that!

And now for the other news :)
I posted some of this on my Facebook – but this weekend was super busy with the dogs, but it was a lot of fun! Two of my dogs (Gizmo and Kessy) had their first Rally Obedience trials. I have been hoping to enter Rally trials with them for a long time, but it kept getting pushed to the backburner. But this summer I’ve entered a few. Our first was on Saturday. Both dogs did really well, each had one class in the morning and another in the afternoon. The max score for APDT rally is 210. Kessy got scores of 199 and 208. The 208 earned her first place in the class. Gizmo got scores of 203 and 200. He had to do a runoff both times since he’d tied someone else for placements…but he won both runoffs and got 4th and 5th places.

I also met with some ratty adopters – they were picking up their rats and the show site was closer for them to pick up their rats. They had gotten rats from me about 3 years ago…it was really great to see everyone again! The last of the babies went home from the April litters, plus two of the rats I’d held back from my February litters. It was hard to see them go since I liked them a lot – but I am trying to keep my numbers down and don’t want to keep too many from each litter!

On Sunday, the dog trial was in PA. It was a super long day…we left at 6 AM and didn’t get home til 8 PM. Their class was first in the morning and last in the afternoon/evening…so it was about 7 hours of waiting in between. But in the morning, both Kessy and Gizmo finished their RL1 titles. Kessy got a 195 and Gizmo got a 198…Gizmo got 2nd place and Kessy got 3rd place. In the afternoon they both moved up to B class which is for dogs that have already gotten their titles. Gizmo got a 202 and Kessy got a 198 which earned them both a lot of points towards their championship. And both get an Award of Merit for all of their A class scores being over 190.

Here are some pics of them with their ribbons!

Yesterday I took Kessy herding for the first time in a few weeks. We’ve had time off due to the lambing – brand new lambs need some time to grow up before they can be safely worked by the dogs. The lambs are adorable! My husband came along to get some pictures. These are NOT my sheep – we just take lessons on them :)
I love the expression here…

This one has the CUTEST marking!!

And Kessy working in the fog…