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Interested in an older rat?

Occasionally, I will keep rats from litters in hopes of breeding them, but some do not meet my expectations for breeding and will be available to a pet home at various ages. These rats may not have the type or temperament that I am looking for in breeding rats. Also, if any rats are returned to me when if their owners can no longer keep them, they will be posted here.

I generally keep my retired breeders until their death. Occasionally I may be willing to adopt them out, but only under special circumstances and only to past adopters who I have a good relationship with. I must receive updates about their health, and upon their death a necropsy must be performed by a vet. This is very important to track the health of my lines.

If you think you would like to adopt, and are willing to keep me updated, just drop me a line with the adoption questionnaire below, and let me know which rats you are interested in. I will be trying to find the rats homes based on their personalities - so please be flexible to ensure that both you and the rat(s) are happy!

If you are interested in adopting:

Send me an e-mail with the information listed below. Also be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions page (particularly #6) to help answer any questions you may have.

Phone number:
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Age (if under 18):
Location (City, State):
Do you currently own rats? If so, what sexes? Are any spayed/neutered?
Do you breed your rats, or plan to in the future?
Do (or will) your rats receive vet care when needed?
What sexes of rats are you interested in?
How many would you like to adopt?
Are you interested in a particular litter or variety?
What kind of housing will you provide for your rats? Please include dimensions.
What kind of bedding will you use?
What kind of foods will you provide for your rat?
If you rent your home, do you have your landlord's permission to own rats?