2008 Litters

ParentsDate of BirthDetails
ANR D'Artangan of PH x PH Pheonix
Litter of 12; rex, dumbo, standard ear and standard coat. Black, russian blue, and dilute siamese.
PCKG Forrest of PH x ANR Daphne of PH
Litter of 12; burmese, black-eyed siamese, russian blue burmese and russian blue point black-eyed siamese.
RRLM Templeton of PH x PCKG Midge of PH
Litter of 8; agouti, cinnamon, and siamese, some harley and dumbo.
RRLM Ruxpin of PH x ANR Abigail of PH
Litter of 8; black and agouti. In standard ear/fur as well as rex and dumbo.
PH Mojo x RRLM Levi of PH
Litter of 10 (9 surviving); russian blue agouti, russian blue, russian fawn and russian beige in rex, dumbo, and standard ear/fur.
PCKG Hershey of PH x PH Blackberry
Litter of 13; burmese, russian blue, and black all in standard ear.
ANR D'Artagnan of PH x PH Zelda
Litter of 16; black, charcoal, russian blue, and light russian blue in various markings.
RRLM Cricket of PH x PH Stormy
Litter of 12; wheaten burmese, wheaten sable, and seal point siamese in standard and dumbo ears.
ANR D'Artagnan of PH x PH Misty
Litter of 8; black, siamese, and russian blue in standard and dumbo ears and standard and rex coat.
PH Mojo x PH Pheonix
Litter of 14; black, agouti, russian blue, and russian blue agouti. Standard and dumbo ears, standard coat and hairless.
PCKG Hershey of PH x PH Bella
Litter of 14; black and russian blue, all in standard fur and ears.
PH Mojo x PH Echo
Litter of 15 (13 surviving); russian blue, russian fawn, russian blue agouti and russian beige in standard and dumbo ears.
PCKG Hershey of PH and PH Casper x PH Lacey
Litter of 12 (11 surviving); Hershey's babies were russian blue burmese, burmese, blue burmese, and russian silver burmese in standard ears. Casper's babies were russian blue point siamese and dilute siamese or himilayan in dumbo.
RRLM Cricket of PH x PH Chanel
Litter of 12 (11 surviving); black and agouti in rex and standard coat and dumbo and standard ears.
PH Indy x PCKG Midge of PH
Litter of 9 (plus two stillborn); black, agouti, and russian blue in standard coat and standard and dumbo ears.
PH Elvis x PH Dewdrop
Litter of 10; agouti, cinnamon, cinnamon pearl, russian cinnamon pearl, and russian blue agouti. Dumbo ears, standard and rex coats.
PH Elvis x PH Pixie
Litter of 8; agoutis in dumbo and standard ears in various markings. All standard coated.
PH Elvis x RRLM Levi of PH
Litter of 3; all dumbo agoutis; 2 rex, one standard coat.
PH Double Trouble x PH KitKat
Litter of 10 with 8 surviving; chocolate, siamese, black, russian blue sable, russian blue, and burmese in standard and dumbo ears.
PH Chunky Monkey x PH Twilight
Litter of 7; all dumbos in agouti, beige, fawn, and russian blue agouti. Hairless, rex, and standard coats.
PH Indy x PH Echo
Litter of 3; russian blue agouti, russian blue, and black in standard and dumbo ears>


This year was a bit of a whirlwind; I was working on many different varieties and types. Towards the end of the year, I realized that it was just too much. I was having to breed too many litters and taking care of all the rats consuming all of my time. At the end of the year I started making plans to downsize and narrow my focus significantly. I chose the varieties I'd be working with (although later, I narrowed it down even more). Throughout 2008, I learned the ins and outs of the bloodlines I was working with, and crossed them to produce exactly what I was looking for. Overall type and temperament steadily improved.

This was a year of many firsts for the rat community in the region. Some of the most notable were the first harleys, first burmese, first dwarf rats, and first black-eyed siamese.